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How to rip Audio Books for your MP3 player

How-To Guides

How to spoof your MAC address - PDF - MAC address Gen

How to allow "Guest" account sharing between windows 7 & XP - Quick Guide.txt

How to add "Take Ownership" to explorer right-click menu in Windows 7 or Vista

How to extend your Wi-Fi range with a beer can

How to play edited .jpg files on your digital camera again - Quick Guide.txt - Image Creator v1.5.3

How to restore PATA hard drive/optical drive performance (Only applies to Windows XP I think) - Manual - Auto Script

Learn how to code JavaScript for free -

Edit TXT files using SED - Download SED for windows here
Basic Regular Expressions guide
Sample Code

Windows update not working,
Fix problems with windows programs that can't be installed or uninstalled

Repair missing or corrupt files in windows
How to read crash data in windows 7
How to set up a secured FTP server using the free FileZilla program: Part 1, Part 2

Fix system files - run "sfc /scannow" with admin command prompt and if it couldn't repair, run SFCFix.exe

Photoshop CS6
How to create rounded off rollover buttons in CS6
Video 2

Batch resize with Bridge

Create Ad Hoc wireless network to share files/internet (rename to .bat)

Replacing hard drive parts for data recovery - Donor drive guide


Motorola Droid 4
Root for Verizon V98.72.18 XT894 If you did an OTA update and your SU is not working, check out this page and try pete's tools

Motorola Droid Razr
Root for Razr running 4.0.4 Get the drivers HERE.

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (T-Mobile version SGH-T959)
Disassembly video

Samsung Galzxy S3 (Sprint - tested on 4.3)
Install TWRP or CWM, Stock rooted Rom, Hotspot fix

HTC Evo 4g
How to root with HBoot 2.18.0001 s-on 2.3.5

HTC Evo 4g LTE
One Click root (tested with windroid)
How to flash kernel with H-boot 1.15 with S-ON - Rom list
How to restore back to stock after root
Screen Replacement

Kindle Fire
Root, Unbricking, & custom rom

iPhone 4 Screen/Digitizer Replacement (AT&T GSM)
iPhone 4 Screen/Digitizer Replacement Part 1 / Part 2 (Verizon CDMA)
iPhone 4S Screen/Digitizer Replacement (GSM/CDMA)
iPhone 5 Screen/Digitizer Replacement
iPhone 5c Screen/Digitizer Replacement
iPhone 5s Screen/Digitizer Replacement


iPod Touch 4th Generation (Tip- reuse metal clip on top, remove all adhesive from frame & speaker, use super glue in corners & use clamps until the glue cures)
Screen Replacement 2nd video

iPad 2
Red tint fix


iPad Mini & Mini 2 (same digitizer)
Screen Replacement (Tip - put electrical tape over the two locations in the first pic) - Might not need if screen comes with contacts covered.
Use a little 5 min epoxy or super glue gel in 4 corners (on metal frame) and maybe some left and right of the home button (on metal fram).
Fold the digitizer cable in when closing the lid
Warm the glass up when it is seated and then put some small claimps on it overnight to let the glue cure.


Game Systems:

Xbox 360:
RROD fix, Reflow, X-clamp replacement parts

Xbox 360 Slim:
Open, DG-16D5s off track

YLOD Fix (If the cooling fan doesn't kick on at all, then its probably your power supply and not this reflow method)

Soft Mod

Nintendo DSL Shell Replacement Part 1 / Part 2
Nintendo DSL Top (Upper) Screen Replecement Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3