Rockford PC Help

We offer 3 different ways to get help:

House/Office Calls: $20/hour (One hour minimum and includes travel time) + $1/mile service fee
(the map below shows an estimated $10 service fee range)
Services such as virus removal and windows reinstall will generally be much cheaper if done in my own home due to the time it takes to run the scans & to get all the updates.

Remote Assistance - using Teamviewer $20/hour (one hour minimum) - good for solving minor issues or error messages.




Most work done in my home is a flat fee (by appointment only)- see below
(pick up/drop off service is available for $20 + 1/mile - this includes unhooking computer and then hooking it back up)

*Can't live without a computer? RPCH totally understands, thats why we offer a FREE LOANER LAPTOP while we repair yours! Ask for details.

*MOST POPULAR - Windows Reinstall (also called reformat): $50 - I do a clean install of windows that will make it run better than new. I also install a free antivirus by microsoft and install the latest Flash & Adobe reader. No restore/recovery CD, wont boot into windows, viruses - not a problem! I also restore all personal music/documents/pics. If your personal data is less than 25 gigs, then I will also back it up to one DVD or Blu Ray disc for no extra charge.

Diagnose your comptuer problems & tell you how much it would cost to fix: $10

Virus removal: $30 for minor infections, $50 if reinstall is required - see above

Screen repair: $30 plus parts for laptops... Contact me HERE with your model # and color (for phones) and I will reply back with a total cost quote)
*Estimated total price for the screens & install - Laptop screens $80 - 150, iPhone 5,5c,5s - $65, iPhone 6 - $68, iPhone 6 plus $84, iPhone 6s - $200

New Computer setup & basic tutorial $50 (includes removing all trial ware, installing antivirus, making a restore disk, and tweaking your settings)

Hardware install $10 (I'll find the best avalible price on parts)

software install $10, Windows password reset $10, web history $10, data backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray/hard drive/flash drive $10

Basic web site setup: $100 for setup & $100/year to host

Picture CD/DVD: $20/first one, $5 each additional one

XBox 360 RROD fix $30 (3 month money back warranty)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Located off Forest Hills Rd, East of the Rockford Speedway

5497 Rockingham Dr
Loves Park, IL 61111
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The map below shows an estimated 10 mile or $10 service fee range. Travel time is also billed at the $20/hour rate.